Employee Spotlight: KIMBERLYPosition: Lead ServerHow long have you been at OPH?: 6 1/2 yearsFavorite menu item: Irish Omelette w/ PepperJack OR Sourdough FlapjacksWhat do you love about working here?: The amazing bosses, atmosphere, customers, and the FOOD!Favorite color: GreenFavorite movie: Lion KingFavorite hobby: Working out and hanging with my 3 kids! Read more
Our owners take great care to pick the freshest and highest quality ingredients for the delicious food that makes its way to your table. They use 6-7 different vendors, some of them local farms, to assure they are serving you the best quality there is. For example, for the delicious sandwiches that we...
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One of our customers’ favorite things to eat at The Original Pancake House is our BACON! Our bacon is dry-cured and hickory-smoked; We serve it in thick slices and with just the right amount of “crunchy.” You can try our bacon as a side with your eggs, in some of our omelettes, OR even in...
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Did you know that we import our Lingonberries from Sweden for our Swedish Pancakes? Of course, you could order some with your toast too. Dr. Oz is calling the lingonberry his new “super berry” and asserts that they have wonderful health and anti-aging benefits! (And they’re delicious to boot.)best breakfast roseville Read more
Have you ever had Horseradish Havarti cheese on a sandwich? Well, now's your chance! We are proud to be serving you an array of soups and sandwiches made with quality ingredients, and your choice of cheeses. Specialty breads are also available including Gluten-Friendly options. click for menu Read more

What’s Cookin’?

At OPH, we choose the highest quality ingredients to ensure you have the tastiest experience possible!For example, did you know that we make our own whipped cream? We make sure its rich and creamy blend is just right to top your sweet-toothed entrees. Try it with our Chocolate Pancakes or maybe our Fresh Strawberry...
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